Clary Sage Essential Oil 15ml-Wellness Oils & Beads
Clary Sage Essential Oil 15ml-Wellness Oils & Beads

Clary Sage Essential Oil 15ml

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 100% purechemical free

Common Uses :  Long considered "woman's oil", clary sage's benefits lie in its calming influence on the body and mind, along with supporting emotional and feminine functions. Clary sage is a commonly used oil in massage oils to induce all-over body comfort and ease, especially where there may be excess heat. As a cooling oil, clary assists with red, upset skin. Employed in the diffuser, you will find it offers soothing relief when used as needed.

Blends Well With :Clary sage essential oil blends well with generally any essential oil, though it works particularly well with Bergamot,Chamomile, Geranium, Jasmine, Lavender, Orange,Rosewood, Sandalwood and Ylang ylang

Caution : Clary sage is non-toxic, and non-sensitizing. It is not to be used during pregnancy.

Botanical Name : Salvia Sclaris 
Plant Part : Leaves & Flowers
Extraction : Steam Distillation
Origin : India

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Thank you

Great quality oils, will be ordering more

Soothing and calming

This oil has many therapeutic properties. I enjoy the soft warming aroma that helps with anxiety and mental clarity.
I blend it with a couple drops of lavender, I drop lemon and peppermint.


So, I just have to share because I'm even truly amazed. It's that time of the month, and my cramps are really quite bad during these few days. Today I did a test where I haven't taken any painkillers and just rubbed these two, Clary Sage & Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil, onto my abdomen and no joke, my cramps ease off pretty much straight away. It honestly lasts a few hours at least, then I do it again once I start to feel those cramps creeping in again. So far I've only reapplied twice today. No painkillers! Really truly amazing. Im just constantly in awe of nature and natural ways of healing 🌿🌱