Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage is a massage using essential oils blended with a carrier oil.

What are Essential Oils?

An essential oil is the natural fragrant essence extracted from different parts of a plant, flower, leaf, bark, root, fruit peel and berries. The oil is the most potent and concentrated of plant extracts. A single essential oil contains hundreds of chemical components, each one having unique properties of its own.

Essential oils have been used for centuries throughout the world for everything from skincare to treatment for serious health conditions.

Many essential oils including tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus have some potent antiviral properties, others such as Ylang Ylang and Chamomile are effective sedatives.

How do Essential Oils work?

Massage with essential oils is an effective way of using them to their best effect, not only are their aromas inhaled and absorbed via the lungs to relieve tension and improve relaxation, but also, due to their microscopic molecular structure, nutrients from the oils are thought to be absorbed into the skin, and from there, to the bloodstream.

Together, aromatherapy and massage may be used for a wide variety of ailments, from anxiety and depression to women’s health problems such as PMS and menopause, headaches, insomnia and various digestive upsets.

The Massage

  • Aromatherapy massage generally starts with the back then flows down over the lower back and hips, continuing over the hips. You can massage the arms while your partner is lying down. The stomach and front of the legs can be massaged next and then the face.
  • Gentle stroking movements can be applied any time to promote the feeling of relaxation. Using flat hands, slide rhythmically over each area to increase the circulation and enhance the absorption of the essential oils.
  • To smooth away any tightness around the shoulder and upper back area, apply some additional kneading techniques, which may also ease a tension headache as well as any aches or stiffness in the neck. Put your hands close together and gently squeeze the muscles in alternating movements.
  • The front sequence often starts with a relaxing scalp massage, followed by a facial. The combination of a highly aromatic fragrance and smooth nurturing strokes results in complete relaxation.
  • To finish off the massage, hold the feet, leaving the essential oils on the skin so they can be absorbed. This also helps prolong the enjoyable relaxed mood.

Aromatherapy Blends for Common Complaints


Mix 5 drops of lavender essential oil with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil and massage your temples, hairline and back of the neck, lightly but firmly as long as touching your head does not intensify the pain.

Soak a face washer in 125 ml (1/2 cup) of cool water mixed with 3 drops each of lavender oil and peppermint oil. Wring it out and place it across your forehead and temples. Change it frequently as the face washer warms up.


3 drops geranium oil
3 drops rosemary oil
3 drops eucalyptus oil
1 drop lemon oil
3 tablespoons carrier oil

Combine and massage into the chest and throat. Pay particular attention to the lymph glands in the neck and inhale deeply.


Use this massage blend to help open out the chest and shoulders.

3 drops lavender oil
3 drops peppermint oil
3 drops roman chamomile
1 drop eucalyptus oil
3 tbls carrier oil

Mix well and massage into the thoracic area with long strokes


Ease feelings of anxiety and restore a sense of control.

3 drops lavender oil
3 drops bergamot oil
3 drops peppermint oil
1 drop ginger oil
3 tbls carrier oil 

Mix well and massage the blend into the neck and chest, inhaling deeply.

Hormonal Conditions

3 drops clary sage oil
3 drops lavender oil
1 drop geranium oil
3 tbls carrier oil

Mix well and apply daily to the stomach and back for 5 days before your period or when you experience symptoms.

Full Body Massage Blends


Detoxifying the body can have long-lasting benefits for overall health.

3 drops lemon oil
3 drops grapefruit oil
3 drops frankincense oil
1 drop peppermint oil 
3 tbls carrier oil

Immune Support

The refreshing essential oils in this blend will help the body to stimulate the immune system by increasing blood and lymph circulation.

3 drops tea tree oil
3 drops eucalyptus oil
3 drops lemon oil
1 drop orange oil
1 drop frankincense oil
3 tbls carrier oil

Confidence Booster

Help ease symptoms of anxiety and also encourage feelings of mental clarity, concentration and create energy.

3 drops peppermint oil
3 drops clary sage oil
3 drops geranium oil
1 drop bergamot
3 tablespoons carrier oil


Keep out of reach of children

Pregnancy- Always consult your physician before using essential oils during pregnancy.

Photosensitive - Some citrus oils including bergamot, grapefruit, lemon and orange may be phototoxic for some people. It is advisable to use these oils 12 hours before exposing your skin to the sun.

Do not use internally



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